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Living area.

Explore the world of a home outside the city, where every space is a story and every element a tangible memory. In every corner, you can breathe the authentic essence of those who live there.

Kitchen Cesar

Clay Table Desalto

CH24 Chairs Carl Hansen

Moon Lamp Davide Groppi


From design to installation.

Every step of this project has been carefully followed, from the drawing to the furniture installation.

Simple and refined shapes, the elegance of Cesar kitchen is unique. Every space is tailor-made to best accommodate the needs and tastes of the customer.

The bedroom.

Neutral colors are the protagonists of this bedroom, the choice has fallen on these shades as they give a strong feeling of relaxation.

The wardrobe with simple and essential lines is completely bespoke.

The lighting is also designed to illuminate specific points of the bedroom.

How are

To give functionality to the environment while maintaining aesthetics, a paneling that serves as a passage from one space to another has been studied.

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